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We offer multiple ways for you to promote your organization on campus — and would love to connect you with our students.

Hire an intern

We place students from all degree programs in a wide variety of organizations in the private, public, and not-for-profit sectors. Internships can take place as full-time positions in the summer or part-time positions during the academic year.

Internships make a dramatic difference, for you and for our students.

Our internships help you and the next generation of workers become future-ready.

How do you hire an intern?

If you have an existing internship, and are not seeking funding:

  • Reach out to careers@mta.ca to discuss the internship
  • We’ll confirm that we can include your position in our program
  • You send us a job description that we’ll post on our internship list
  • We’ll collect applications, and forward them to you
  • We’re happy to help set up interviews (on or off campus)
  • Once you’ve selected your student, you hire them, and we’ll include them in our internship orientation and learning process over the summer (or fall/winter)

If you ARE looking for funding:

  1. Apply for Future NB funding (NB organizations only; currently accepting applications for part-time Fall placements). Please reach out to careers@mta.ca for more information.

    In order to maximize this generous funding from the government, we can fund a maximum of 50% of internship wages for businesses, and up to 100% for non-profits. We strongly encourage you to seek out external funding.
  2. Apply for external funding [the following funding programs are available through the (SWPP)]:
  3. Internship funding through both the FutureNB and SWPP programs is delivered as a wage reimbursement. Interns must be on the payroll of their host organization for the duration of the internship. Funding applications are submitted at the beginning, and funding is received at the end of the placement. 

What kind of training/check-ins does my intern receive from Experiential Learning and Career Development at Ƶapp?

Ƶapp Internship Program learning process — we connect with your students throughout the summer to make sure that everyone is getting the most out of the internship placement.

What do we mean by 'experiential learning'?

The Office of Experiential Learning and Career Development at Ƶapp operates under the following definition:

Experiential learning as understood and practiced at Ƶapp is a type of authentic learning characterized by mindful participation in an experience, whereby students apply and practice concepts in relevant contexts, settings, or communities, and, through structured reflection, develop their skills, knowledge and values.

We ask our employers and community partners to ensure that interns:

  • Do meaningful work (tasks that challenge them and contribute to the organization)
  • Integrate into the workplace
  • Receive regular feedback throughout the internship and when it ends
  • Participate in the structured learning process

What is the structured learning process?

Student-driven and easily adapted to your workplace, this process includes:

  • Pre-placement orientation for interns
    This orientation session includes taking an in-depth look at the skills your student is bringing to their internship and how to make the most out of them, the skills they hope to develop, expectations for the summer, and workplace culture.
  • Guidance to help develop learning objectives and deliverables
    Working with your intern to discuss appropriate goals to set for learning, and the ways in which they'll accomplish these goals through their summer work.
  • Mid-program and final performance assessment
    You'll meet with your intern one-on-one to evaluate how things are going, and how the summer went.
  • Structured reflection process (for student only)
    Your students will be asked to reflect on how their internship is going, and we'll use these to check-in with them over the summer.

Recruitment and hiring

Most of our internships run from the start of May to the end of August, though part-time arrangements during the academic year are also possible.

For summer internships, the recruitment process begins in November and wraps up by mid-March:

  • Nov.-Jan.: We work with you to create a job posting.
  • Jan.-Feb.: We advertise job postings via website, e-mail, and social media.
  • Feb.-March: You conduct interviews and contract with your preferred candidate.
  • May-Aug.: You supervise your intern, giving feedback on their performance.

Staff are available to help every step along the way. We can lend a hand with designing job roles, scheduling interviews, and making offers.

If you have questions or want to join our mailing list, E-mail us at careers@mta.ca.

To stay on top of what's happening in ELCD, please follow us on Insta: .

Post a job opportunity

We are onboarding a new online job portal for students - . We encourage you to create an employer account in the portal. 

Your opening will be shared will all current MtA students and recent grads. We can also promote your opportunity through social media - please send us an email at careers@mta.ca to request this.

Ready to get started? Here's a to walk you through the process of setting up your employer account.

Host a booth at a career fair

We hold a career fair in October and a summer employment fair in February. 

Find out more about participating by e-mailing careers@mta.ca.

Deliver a presentation about your organization

We're happy to provide opportunities for you to deliver an information session or hold a networking event. We can book you a room on campus or an information table in the student centre. We can also help coordinate virtual presentations.

E-mail us at careers@mta.ca with your idea.

Supporting successful students working from home

The Office of Experiential Learning is working with employers to give students the best experience possible.

Due to COVID-19, onboarding students and working remotely is a new reality for most. Many university students are new to the workforce and have not had remote work experience. If you have any questions or require any support in developing a plan, please reach out to careers@mta.ca.

Students will have a variety of questions and you should consider carefully what might work best for your organization.

We encourage our employer partners to consider the following:

Is there an individual that can be contacted in the instance that an immediate response is required for an urgent matter?

Is there an expectation that students need to respond to e-mail that comes after hours?

Managing work
Will there continue to be typical working hours from 9 a.m.-5 p.m. or is there flexibility?

Tracking progress
How will time be logged to ensure accountability for your employee's work?

Technology and resources
Will there be instructions to help guide students through using new technology? (i.e. how to connect to the VPN, navigate file servers, or use Teams appropriately)

Resources to help transition to working remotely

Provided by Co-operative Education and Work Integrated Learning Canada ()

  • (pdf)
  • (pdf)
  • (pdf)

More resources

  • (Timesheets)
  • (TechRepublic)
  • (Inc.)
  • (Owl Labs)

International partnerships

Ƶapp has an established network of strong collaborative international partner universities based on a common vision and shared goals.

In most cases, our International Centre is responsible for the establishment, management and development of strategic international partnerships that include exchange agreements. 

Interested in becoming a partner university? Visit international partnerships.