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Hometown: Stratford, Prince Edward Island
Studied: Political Science

Favourite thing about Ƶapp:
"Quality education! Interdisciplinary teaching gives MtA students the chance to explore topics from a variety of perspectives and helps them develop their critical thinking and reasoning skills. They are well-prepared for life beyond the classroom."

Hometown: Pune, India
Studied: Commerce, Computer Science, Economics

Favourite thing about Ƶapp:
"The close-knit community it fosters and the personalized education it offers. From the genuine support and lifelong friendships to the transformative learning experience with small class sizes and dedicated professors, Ƶapp provides an environment where students can thrive, discover their passions, and receive individualized attention."

Hometown: Port Williams, NS
Studied: Commerce, Psychology

Favourite thing about Ƶapp:
"The flexible degrees and an abundance of support! I was able to pursue all of my interests at Ƶapp, both inside and outside the classroom. The support I received from peers, faculty, staff, and the Meighen Centre was integral to my growth as a student, and truly allowed me to thrive!"

Hometown: Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
Studied: Geography, Sociology, Drama Studies

Favourite thing about Ƶapp:
"Its curious and humble nature as an institution — there is a positive energy that flows through the campus and community culture that I believe brings the best in most people."

Hometown: Moncton, New Brunswick
Studied: Commerce, Economics, French

Favourite thing about Ƶapp:
"The number of ways there are to get involved in the University and the community. Even with a smaller population of students there is still an abundance of clubs and societies, volunteer and academic opportunities for any student to fulfill their passions."

Hometown: Jhelum, Pakistan
Studied: Psychology, Biology

Favourite thing about Ƶapp:
"The low student-to-faculty ratio allows for effective student engagement and meaningful mentoring relationships. Smaller class sizes also foster an inclusive, accommodating, and flexible learning environment that elevates student achievements."

Hometown: Niagara, Ontario
Studied: Psychology

Favourite thing about Ƶapp:
"I love Mount A for the small class sizes and one-on-one interaction you get with your professors."

Hometown: The Valley, Anguilla
Studied: Aviation, Geography, Environmental Science

Favourite thing about Ƶapp:
"The growing number of programs being offered."

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